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Are ATMAT® treatments safe for all individuals?

Almost everyone can benefit greatly from ATMAT®. 

Treatments are not recommended in the following situations:

 - in the first 8 weeks following abdominal surgery or a vaginal delivery

- in the first 3 months following a c-section

 - if you have cancer or are undergoing chemotherapy

- if you have an active infection

 - in the case of an IUD being present, the techniques are adjusted with no direct massage or pressure applied over the uterus.

Can ATMAT® treatments assist with fertility?

A healthy, balanced, free flowing body is a fertile body. 

ATMAT® treatments support fertility by guiding the uterus into proper position while reducing abdominal restrictions and congestion resulting from endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, abdominal surgeries, or cesarean sections.

Increased blood and lymphatic flow can support testicular, prostate, uterine and ovarian health, improve the uterine lining and aid in healing of ligaments of the pelvis.



How may I benefit from ATMAT® after a hysterectomy, C-Section, or abdominal surgery?

The formation of scar tissue after a surgery is part of the normal healing process, however scar tissue can build up abnormally creating restrictions in the tissues around it. 

As scar tissue forms after surgeries, lymphatic and blood circulation can become affected creating sensitivity, itching, inflammation, and pain around the scar and within the deeper tissues and organs.

ATMAT® treatments help to encourage proper circulation to the abdomen, to support healing and reduce pain and discomfort.

What is 'self care' and how will it help?

Self care exercises such as abdominal massage, castor oil packs, vaginal steaming (also known Yoni Steaming), exercise, and nutrition suggestions are provided on an individual basis and are your greatest tool in continuing your healing journey outside of your ATMAT® treatments with me. 

Completing self care can renew your trust, confidence, and faith in your body as well as provide a greater improvement of your symptoms.

What is the cost and length of a ATMAT® treatment?

Your initial ATMAT®  is 90 minutes long and $145.

Following treatments are 75 minutes in length and $120.


Is ATMAT® covered by my massage benefits?

Yes, ATMAT® treatments are covered under Massage Therapy Benefits.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your appointment 24 hours notice is requested. The full treatment fee will be billed for missed or no-show appointments.

The unexpected happens and you will not be charged in an emergent situation.

Have a question not listed above?

Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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